Fascias and Soffits in Horsley

Fascias and Soffits in Horsley


Looking for a quality installer of fascias and soffits in Horsley? If you want excellent protection from the weather for your home, it pays to spend time choosing the right roofline solution. When replacing your soffits and fascias, Just Fascias are specialists in fascia and soffit replacement. We only use products made from the highest quality materials, and our fitters use the best installation techniques. We can give your home the protection it needs and we only use high-performance uPVC or aluminium fascias and soffits. Our installations offer long-lasting, maintenance-free protection from the elements.

Just Fascias are installation specialists, covering Kent and Surrey. Why not arrange a free, no obligation quotation? We do not pressure prospective clients, and a majority of sales visits take just about 20 minutes.


The long straight board that runs along the lower edge of your roof is called the fascia. It serves several purposes, and is therefore vital it’s constructed from strong material. The fascia supports the edge of the roof tiles and also carries the weight of the guttering. When there’s heavy rainfall, the weight it has to support can be very significant. The fascia also has to protect from the elements and prevent vermin and birds from getting into your roof space.  One final role for your home’s fascia is visual one. Anyone passing by can see it and so can you, therefore, it is vital that it looks good. uPVC fascias are available in a range of colours and finishes. You can give your home an instant facelift by replacing them.


Soffits aren’t as visible as fascias, but that doesn’t mean their role is any less important. They are tucked away horizontally under the fascia board, covering the end of your rafters and enclosing the roof space. The main role of your soffits is to stop water from getting into your rafters. They also provide ventilation and prevent condensation in the roof area. Special ventilated soffits are available for this specific purpose. Soffits made from uPVC and aluminium are completely waterproof and provide excellent protection.

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